KIMERA KOFFEE Launched in Qatar: Organic, Nootropic nourishment!

KIMERA KOFFEE Launched in Qatar: Organic, Nootropic nourishment! - JAQAR

JAQAR International Trading are enthused to announce our partnership with Kimera Koffee | Artisan Organic Coffee infused with Brain Vitamins, as exclusive distributors in Qatar for their line of Nootropic ground coffees and beyond!

Make no mistake, Kimera is not just " coffee ", but a combination of amazing, artisan high-altitude coffee with powerful vitamins proven to boost cognitive function and athletic performance.

Kimera Koffee will initially be available from January 2024 onwards, via our retail e - commerce portal | | as well as local distribution partners Talabat: Food delivery from your nearest restaurants in Qatar | Talabat | and Snoonu: Fastest Food Delivery & Online Shopping in Qatar | Snoonu 

Strategic partnerships within the areas of Health and Wellness, Martial Arts, Outdoor Activities, Gaming and more to be announced imminently.

Bringing a boost to your everyday activities across all facets!

Featured, with glowing reviews in prestigious publications such as Muscle & Fitness, Ironman Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Uncrate, Paleo Magazine, The Chive, Ventre and ABC News.

What and who is Kimera Koffee?

" Kimera Koffee started as a vision from a group of friends looking for a way to make a difference in peoples' lives. Long story short, we set out to combine amazing artisan high-altitude coffee with powerful vitamins proven to boost cognitive function.

We were already drinking loads of coffee and taking brain vitamins, so why not combine them? Our mission was to provide customers with tools to unlocking human potential. Through the combination of science and nature, we set out to design products that would aid and assist human development.

As we explored new flavors and combinations, and Kimera continued to expand globally, we continued to find delicious beans from all around the world. Our planet is rich and diverse, and at Kimera we embraced showcasing tastes from different coffee-growing regions.

Kimera Koffee is more than just coffee, it’s a way of life. With brain vitamins stimulating dopamine levels in the brain, we're aiding the reward response and helping you take action to set goals and shatter them.

Kimera has become a dynamic community where everybody inspires each other. Through strategic sponsoring and customer integration we've created a brand that people are proud to use and share. Our community is our priority and your accomplishments are our goals.

Whether it's running, dancing, yoga, pilates, boxing, or trampolining - we all love moving, and believe that movement heals your soul. We are a dynamic crew of likeminded folks who care about the wellness of others in our community. We love partnering with other locals for events and collaborations, and are always open to new ideas. We focus on bringing people together in our space where everybody is always welcome. "


The Formula...

" KIMERA KOFFEE was born out of a desire to infuse our delicious coffee blends with healthful vitamins and Aminos. We understand that navigating the world of supplementation is a tricky and confusing endeavor -- it was for us!

So, we made it a priority to provide our customers with ingredients that had real clinical and peer reviewed studies backing them. After going through dozens of formulas, we finally achieved our goal of supplementing for balanced mental health and athletic performance, without sacrificing our coffees flavour profile.

Throughout our process, we've combed through dozens of research papers, clinical studies, and peer reviews. "



The Science behind Kimera...


  • Improves thinking skills and learning abilities
  • Improves blood flow to the brain
  • Boosts muscle and athletic performance
  • Increase power output

Alpha GPC is a natural choline compound that enhances cognition and increases power output in athletes. Choline is a precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in memory, attention, and muscle contraction. Alpha GPC is the best way to increase choline levels as it easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and is absorbed.


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