Sneakers UA

Sneakers UA


    This is a collaboration with our friends at UA DRIP:

    “UA” stands for “Unauthorised Authentic”. Unauthorised authentic shoes are 100% authentic and genuine.  UA shoes are made in the same factories, with the same materials, and the same workers that make the official retail pairs. However, they are sold by other outlets, such as online shoe stores or dealers, instead of the official shoe retailer. 

    The process of making them is no different from the legitimate ones in terms of labor, process, and application. What sets it apart from official products is the brand authorisation that makes it impossible for UA to launch under a specific name. 

    Unauthorised authentic sneakers still have the same quality as the official retail ones. So, you will now have another option to get premium-quality sneakers at a more affordable price. 

    Sometimes, UA Sneakers are pairs which may not have passed a final quality check by the official brand, off of the same production line, due to minor issues such as a nick. In 99 percent of these cases, it is almost impossible to see, tell, or feel a difference.