About us

Shopjaqar.com is the retail and distribution outlet for JAQAR International Trading | JAQAR International Trading (jaqargroup.com)
Launched in 2014 by a creative, expatriate Entrepeneur based in Qatar for over 25 years. The mission was to import, distribute and create unique, high-quality products for segments of the local/regional market which were either underserved, or neglected altogether.
Inspiration ranges from everything through Health and Wellness, Sports, Outdoor Activities, Gaming, Tech and Creative Arts. We cater to well-rounded individuals who are open minded with their mission to enjoy life, work, activity and innovation.
We partner with high caliber, like minded entrepreneurs, companies and brands from all over the world, to help us achieve this with FMCG.
Our most recent, exclusive distribution partnership with KIMERA KOFFEE | Artisan Organic Coffee infused with Brain Vitamins and Aminos . (kimerakoffee.com) is a display of our trajectory. 
Helping to enhance one's lifestyle seamlessly through products which boost and complement their individual missions, is where we strive to serve and excel.