About us

JAQAR [ JA | QAR ] is simply a creative hybrid of Jamaica + Qatar . Where and what is Jamaica? Think Bob Marley, Sean Paul, Usain Bolt, Marcus Garvey etc. and you're on your way to getting an understanding of this impactful Caribbean Island. Located in the seas between North and South America.

Now we've got that out of the way, let's give you a brief background about the origins of the company:

JAQAR was conceptualised by Shaun Alexander aka " The JAQARI  " in 2014 . An unlikely, Jamaican long term resident who has been in and out of Qatar since the Sheraton was the only feature of the West Bay skyline!

I've always had a love for the unique, always been creative, always gravitated towards the " edgy ".

Fitting in, being like, or looking like everybody else, has never appealed to me, and by extension, that is expressed through JAQAR.

Throughout travel experiences, meeting people of different cultures, backgrounds and work, i've been exposed to various ranges of creative expression.

For example, my time working at Harley Davidson Motorcycles, gave me an appreciation for biker, retro, dark and tattoo styled artwork.

My personal culture, ethnicity and background brings a natural love of Caribbean vibrancy, such as Rasta, Dancehall, and African culture in all it's forms by extension.

I'm a mixed bag who pretty much loves any unique expression of art and music, ranging from Hip Hop, Afrobeat etc all the way through to Rock, and the Psychedelic realms. If " No Genre " was a person, i'd be it. If " No Category " was  a company, we'd be that.

Living in the Middle East for a large chunk of my life, has also obviously embedded an appreciation of Arab Culture, too!

In short, " Generic " is not in our DNA. We strive to bring unique, high quality, premium art based products to Qatar, and the wider Middle East. Whether this be Streetwear, Accessories, Collectibles, Personal care of even Fitness via our sister company HomebodyQA.

The products may be different, but the principles will always remain the same.

We scoured the world, in an attempt to identify unique brands, and artists, which shared the same ethos and authenticity as us. This has lead to long term partnerships with Latin - American, California based brands such as OGABEL ( Abel Hernandez ) and DGA| DG Angels ( David Gonzales Art ). Highly respected and renowned artists in their fields, don't believe us? Then Google it...

On the Reggae and Rasta Culture front, we've had partnerships with the likes of Miami based Rasta Empire, Zion Rootswear and The Bob Marley brand by default.

Our list of partnerships continue to grow, along with our evolution and current development of our own brands, which will encompass everything noted above ( If you've made it this far into the story that is )

We pledge to remain unique, and look forward to bringing you more RASTA | REBEL | RAVER!

Thank you for supporting our Independent Business. One Love.