Enhanced Coffee

What is Nootropic Coffee?

Nootropic coffees are a recent breakthrough in the coffee industry, offering a convenient means to tap into cognitive benefits, enhance focus, and increase overall productivity.

Infused with natural compounds, nootropic coffees combine the effects of caffeine with the cognitive-enhancing properties of nootropics, providing a revitalizing solution for staying alert and improving productivity throughout the day.

The term “nootropics” covers a broad range of products. These include brain-boosting drugs, herbs, amino acids and other supplements that are all said to have cognitive-enhancing effects. 

Athlete, Student, Executive or Gamer?

Our range of ground coffees in particular, are focused on broad spectrum performance, of mind and body. Examples of Nootropics, vitamins and aminos found in our bends are:

  • L - Theanine: L-Theanine helps to reduce the jittery and anxious effects of caffeine, which can lead to improved focus and concentration.
  • L - Tyrosine: L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that supports the production of dopamine, adrenaline, and thyroid hormones. When under high levels of stress, it can delay the depletion of catecholamines such as dopamine and adrenaline. When combined with caffeine, L-Tyrosine enhances energy and performance.
  • Alphasize A - GPC: Unlock the full potential of your strength training with AlphaSize - a game-changer for athletes. Through its ability to enhance acetylcholine production, AlphaSize boosts muscle power and force, while also igniting growth hormone release for accelerated muscle growth and recovery. Get ready to unleash your inner beast and achieve unparalleled strength gains with the remarkable benefits of AlphaSize.
  • DMAE: Is a choline molecule that reduces the build-up of age pigmentation, which impairs cognitive function. DMAE also helps protect neurons from oxidation.
  • Glycine: This amino acid enhances deep sleep, promotes growth hormone production, boosts protein synthesis, and as the simplest amino acid, is used for countless processes in the human body.
  • Vitamin B - 12: Vitamin B-12 plays an essential role in red blood cell formation, cell metabolism, nerve function and the production of DNA.
  • Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 is a powerful ally in your quest for building Herculean strength. By enhancing muscle performance, aiding in calcium absorption, and promoting muscle contraction, Vitamin D3 can help you unleash your full potential in the gym, paving the way for unprecedented gains and unmatched power.
  • Taurine: These ingredients used by themselves have substantial benefits, but taken together, they allow you to tap into a limitless state: unmatched focus and high mental performance.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast who needs a sustained workout boost, an academic who needs supreme clarity and alertness, a gamer who needs to complete infinity levels at full throttle, we've got a blend for you!

Long story short, the range is designed to supercharge the mind - body connection and improve performance across the board, without the " jitters "

Oh, and obviously, our organic, delicious and finely crafted blends cater to the " coffee snob " in all of us too...