Black Organic " Iced "Coffee.


Elevate your game with Triumph Black Ice Coffee! ⚡ Our organic coffee, crafted with Kimera Koffee, is infused with essential vitamins and aminos to enhance your performance, whether you're hitting the gym, gaming, excelling in the boardroom, or acing your studies.


Experience the Power of Nootropics in Every Cup!

Organic Coffee infused with L-Theanine


Imagine your life with exceptional focus, attention to detail, memory and mental clarity.

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Organic Coffee infused with Vitamin D3 and Alphasize® A-GPC


Strategically created to aid & assist in the building of muscle and increasing power output.

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Organic Coffee infused with L-Tyrosine, Glycine and Vitamin B12


Endurance Blend is a perfect caffeine and pre-workout supplement all in one. Designed to energize you while also enhancing your athletic performance and overall endurance.

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Artisan Organic Coffee infused with Vitamins and Aminos.

Kimera has fueled multiple champions, through their individual missions...

David Higgins

Eight-time Rally America Champion and a two time ARA winner with Subaru MotoSports USA.

Avril Mathie

Avril Mathie is an Australian/Swiss pro boxer, model and fitness expert.

Blessing Awodibu

Blessing is a 2 time Arnold Classic and 4 time IFBB Bodybuilding Championship winner. He has amassed a social media following of millions with charisma.

Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan is an American mixed martial artist and grappler, currently signed to the ONE Championship. Most notably, he is the three-time ADCC World Champion, the two-time IBJJF No-Gi World Champion, and the four-time Champion Eddie Bravo Invitational. Ryan is often regarded as the greatest submissive wrestler of all time.


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There are several ways to enjoy our boosted ground coffees. Here are some of our favourite methods to making the magic happen...

French Press

This simple method steeps coffee grounds in hot water and then presses the grounds out.

Drip Machine

A fast and easy machine that allows you to set it and forget it. Found in most homes, offices and hotel rooms.

Pour Over

The coffee method preferred by Baristas and coffee connoiseurs. Another version of drip coffee that produces a full bodied cup of coffee.

Nano Espresso

Brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through the ground coffee. Espresso is generally thicker than other methods and has a higher concentration with the famous crema on top. You can also make espresso type coffee with a moka pot.

Cold Brew

Grounds are steeped in water for 12 - 16 hours and then the water is strained from the grounds, creating a coffee that is 2/3 less acidic than hot coffee, making this coffee easier for your stomach to tolerate and a perfect refreshing beverage.



Kimera Nootropic Koffee has been positively featured on some of the most well respected Health, Wellness and Fitness platforms worldwide.

Widely lauded and reviewed for the scientifically backed formulas which assist in improving brain function and physical performance.

The Mind Muscle connection theory is not a myth!